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2. Delivery to 12  EU countries

3. Certification ISO  9000

4. Offering branded products and fresh batteries (fresh manufacturing date, no in stock for a long time)

About Efteria Limited

We sell batteries ....

 for many years, we specialize in the sale of batteries. Our product range includes car and motorcycle batteries, traction batteries, stationary batteries, batteries for laptops and cameras, chargers and backup power supplies for various uses. We offer our customers only a proven brand (VARTA, BANNER, EXIDE, ...) with which we have many years of experience.

Car batteries from Efteria Limited ....

 are ready for immediate use, that means poured electrolyte and charged. We sell only brand new batteries, unused. Due to the large turnover, we can guarantee that you will get each battery with the "fresh" manufacturing date. Prior to dispensing batteries we perform control measurements, which minimizes the possibility of issuing a battery with a manufacturing defect.

For motorists, we also offer commissioning of motobatteries. The battery is precharged by the manufacturer (approx 50-80% of the indicated capacity), but it is not filled with electrolyte, which is attached in a special container fro the manufacturer. At the customer wish, we will fill the battery by enclosed electrolyte and recharge the battery to 100% of the capacity.

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