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AXIMA has had its own research and development department which deals with the development of power supplies and battery ...
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4880 €
industrial - Input current - 28.9 A

Flexis : MULTIFUNCTIONAL BATTERY CHARGER. Programmable, high-frequency modular charger of traction batteries. User friendly – setting of parameters via operating panel or PC, Eficiency up to 94%, power factor cos φ ~1, Active PFC and softstart, Verification of connected battery, High resistence to mains disturbances, Galvanic separated mains - output, High stability of output parameters, Possibility to set up custom charging curves, Memory for 1.000 charging cycles, Regeneration charging – desulphation and equalization, Possibility to use one charger for more different batteries by manual selection, Very high reliability, Short circuit proof output, Saves expenses for operating, Modular systém, Preset charging. FLEXIS is fully programmable, high-frequency charger of traction batteries. Optimised charging technology prolongs working life of battery, accelerates charging and saves energy. FLEXIS charger meets hard requirements of three-shift service in industrial areas.