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Batteries are the heart of a car. They literally get any vehicle moving. Therefore, in order to guarantee reliable functionality, Banner products offer the highest quality, which is the result of long-term experience and innovation. The trust of leading automotive manufacturers clearly demonstrates that there are no standstills with Banner. More >>

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Over 70 per cent of all new vehicles will be fitted with an engine start/stop function, in order to achieve the CO2 limitation targets set by the EU by means of sustained fuel consumptionsavings and emission reductions. In general, two differing starter battery types are employed in these environment-friendly vehicles, consisting of the absorbent glass mat (AGM) and the enhanced flooded battery (EFB) systems. The use of the appropriate technology depends largely on the fuel and CO2 savings that can be attained. Above all, AGM batteries are utilised for start/stop systems with braking energy recuperation in mid-range and premium class vehicles.
Article no.
Rated capacity
92 Ah
Lenght max.
354 mm
Width max.
175 mm
Box height max.
190 mm
Battery weight
22 kg
Base hold-down
Rated voltage
12 V

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