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Exide makes high-performance motorcycle batteries, designed for those who demand the best from their bike. We use the mosta dvanced components and materials, and our products are renowned for their reliability and long lifespan. We make batteries for motorcycles, scooters, jet skis and a wide range of other vehicles. Customers use our products to get to work, explore the world, and race on land and sea. We are an original equipment manufacturer, and have the most forward-looking technology in the industry. Take to the road with confidence, knowing you are powered by Exide. More >>

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AGM Ready provides maximum power and is entirely “install and forget”, just like you always wanted. No initial acid filling or water topping required! The battery is leak-proof, spill-proof and highly vibration-resistant, ideal for powersport, all-terrain and extreme uses. Exide AGM Ready offers incredible performance and exceptional starting power in all weather conditions, making it also ideal for jet-skis.
Article no.
Rated volatge
12 V
Rated capacity
8,6 Ah
Lenght max.
150 mm
Width max.
87 mm
Box height max.
93 mm
Battery weight
3.18 kg
AGM12-8 (YTZ10-BS)
145 A
Battery polarity
Ready to Install

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