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CSB EVX12520, 52Ah, 12V

CSB battery products for high-quality battery power. CSB manufacturers a variety of valve regulated lead acid batteries ...
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CSB EVX12750, 75Ah, 12V

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CSB EVX12200, 20Ah, 12V

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CSB EVX12400, 40Ah, 12V

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CSB EVX12340, 34Ah, 12V

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CSB EVX12300, 30Ah, 12V

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CSB EVX12260, 26Ah, 12V

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CSB EVX12170, 17Ah, 12V

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CSB EVX12120 F2, 12Ah, 12V

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CSB EVX1272 F2, 7,2Ah, 12V

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EVX Series is specially designed for efficient discharges in cyclical applications. The EVX series can serve more than 400 cycles at 100% discharge.Capacity range is from 7.2Ah to 75Ah of 12V battery, and all are rechargeable, highly efficient, leak proof and maintenance free.