Wherever your journey may take you, VARTA batteries provide all the power to take you there. Whether you are driving your very first car, you own a vehicle with Start-Stop functionality, or you drive a highly equipped vehicle with high energy demands, VARTA’s Black, Blue and Silver Trio Dynamic batteries offer the power you need. Today, you’ll find our products in millions of cars, powerboats, motorcycles and motorhomes. Our engineers put expertise and precision into each and every VARTA battery. VARTA batteries provide longer life, less corrosion and lower cost of ownership, qualities you’ll find in all our products from our advanced Start-Stop automotive range to our Professional powerboat products. When you choose VARTA, you go for reliable precision technology that delivers best-in-class manufacturing quality.Innovation with a Purpose – VARTA batteries are the driving force behind fuel-saving innovations like Start-Stop engines. Manufactured with up to 20 percent fewer emissions, they'll reliably restart your car’s engine again and again, and effectively reduce your fuel consumption. A Premium Experience – Take your vehicle to a VSSP-certified workshop to experience excellent replacement service. In addition, the VSSP service program provides your Start-Stop vehicle with the roadside assistance mobility guarantee. A Powerful History – The VARTA brand has a history going back more than 125 years. VARTA batteries are factory-fitted by major carmakers and trusted by drivers globally.