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Noco Li-ion Powersport NLP30, 12V, 7,8Ah

A perfectly designed range of lithium batteries ideal for motorsport or otherwise demanding operation.
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Noco Li-ion Powersport NLP20, 12V, 7Ah

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Noco Li-ion Powersport NLP14, 12V, 4Ah

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Noco Li-ion Powersport NLP9, 12V, 3Ah

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Noco Li-ion Powersport NLP5, 12V, 2Ah

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NOCO Lithium Powersport

Detailed product description A perfectly designed range of lithium batteries ideal for motorsport or otherwise demanding operation. They are better than lead-acid batteries in almost every way - lightweight, no sulfation, no liquids and no maintenance. Their design allows for up to 50,000 starting cycles and 2,000 charging cycles, making them the most powerful and durable batteries for any motorcycle, ATV or even snowmobile. The battery can be permanently installed in any position except the position where the contacts are facing down. The special anti-vibration technology used also extends the service life. Super fast charging Approximate charging time from 0% to 100%: Genius5 - 24 min; Genius2 - 1 hour; Genius1 - 2 hours Dynamic BMS It includes a Dynamic Battery Management (BMS) control electronics that monitors the internal lithium-ion cells and disconnects them in case of any problem. The BMS protects against overcharging, over-discharging, over-voltage, short-circuiting, over-heating and under-cooling which could lead to battery failure. Another function of the BMS is to intelligently balance the voltage between individual cells to ensure optimal battery performance. The package includes two adapters (spacers), enabling use in a wider range of applications. Due to its smaller size while maintaining performance, this modularity is suitable, for example, where connection cables are very short. Cleverly designed connection terminals allow for top, front and side installation. If necessary, they can be completely removed. Compatible with most motorcycle brands including Aprilla, BMW, Buell, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Indian, Triumph, KTM, Argo, Can-Am, Honda, Husqvarna, Kawaski, Suzuki, Arctic Cat, BRP, Waverunner, Polaris, Vespa and more .