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Goowei OTL120-12, 120Ah, 12V

Zhangzhou Huawei Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd., as a experienced manufacture of lead acid battery and a company ...
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Goowei OTL35-12, 35Ah, 12V

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Goowei OTL14-12, 14Ah, 12V

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Goowei OTL85-12, 85Ah, 12V

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Goowei OTL45-12, 45Ah, 12V

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Goowei OTL75-12, 75 Ah, 12V

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Goowei OTL20-12, 20Ah, 12V

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Goowei OTL250-12, 250Ah, 12V

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Goowei OTL200-12, 200Ah, 12V

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Goowei OTL150-12, 150Ah, 12V

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Goowei OTL100-12, 100Ah, 12V

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Goowei OTL65-12, 65Ah, 12V

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Goowei OTL26-12, 26Ah, 12V

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Goowei OTL12-12, 12Ah, 12V

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Maintenance-Free: The unique gas-recombination system makes the generated gas turn into water. During the service life period, supplementary electrolyte is not required. Special material: The high tin lead plate can better receive the chemical energy which is transformed by solar power. The battery with high tin lead plate is of better charging and better recovery performance, even if in the extreme climate, the lack- -of-power battery with tin lead plate is easier to gain the power and recovery the charging. Meanwhile, the self-discharge rate is lower and the service life of battery is prolonged. Performance in low temperature: The discharge rate of solar power & wind power high tin GEL battery at -20OC can reach more than 80%. Safe and sealed: The unique manufacturing technology and special design of configuration,which ensures the safety and seal when the battery is working. Low self-discharge rate: The self-discharge rate is controlled to be minimum due to the lead grid which is made of extraordinary Pb-Ca alloy and has strong corrosion resistance. Long service life design: The float life of battery is guaranteed due to the lead plate which is made of extraordinary Pb-Ca alloy and has strong corrosion resistance. Due to the special lead plate process technology, the micro-structure of electrode is maintained, which meets the demand of long service life application. Range of working temperature:The battery can work during the temperature -20OC~50OC. Range of application: The solar power & wind power high tin GEL battery is especially applicable in solar power, wind power storage. It's also applicable in UPS system, power station, A/C & D/C inverter system, small electric equipment, portable electric tool, electric toy, alarm system etc.