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GOOWEI ENERGY - LITHIUM, batteries with high cyclic durability and low weight. Suitable for applications requiring frequent and deep cycling, and for applications emphasizing low weight. More >>

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GOOWEI ENERGY - a verified brand in our market - introduces a novelty in the form of lithium LiFePO4 traction batteries. As an alternative to lead-acid batteries with comparable capacity and container size, batteries from the CNLFP series boast significantly greater cyclic lifespan, are much lighter, and eliminate the risk of acid leakage.

A cyclic lifespan exceeding 2000 cycles (at 100% Depth of Discharge D.O.D.) places them among top-tier products.

Is the Goowei Energy CNLF LiFePO4 battery safe?

The battery features a protective circuit, known as the BMS unit, which safeguards it against over-discharge, overcharging, charging in negative temperatures, overheating, exceeding current limits, and short circuits. Unlike typical lead-acid batteries, this accumulator can be safely used in any position without the risk of liquid leakage or vapor escape.

Longevity - capable of up to 10 times more cycles than conventional lead-acid batteries.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are currently among the safest in the lithium battery market.

Twice the usable capacity (100% DOD) compared to a standard lead-acid battery.

The battery can be mounted in any position. Weight at only approximately 40% of a lead-acid battery with comparable capacity.

The intelligent BMS (Battery Management System) monitors and balances battery cells, protecting the battery against adverse conditions.

Low self-discharge and the ability for rapid and efficient charging.

Battery usage: motorhomes, caravans, recreational vehicles boats, yachts, sailboats, etc. solar/photovoltaic and wind power plants, backup systems handling and cleaning equipment, electric/kids' vehicles

Adhere to the principles of charging the Li-ion battery and respect the maximum charging/discharging currents to maintain the specified lifespan.

Article no.
Rated volatge
12,8 V
Service life
2000 cycles (at 100% D.O.D.)
Maximum discharge/charge current
Length (mm)
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width (mm)
Capacity (Ah)

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