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Hybrid Island inverter with high-frequency conversion and built-in MPPT regulator, 3500W power output, for 48V batteries + free WiFi module. More >>

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The Growatt SPF 3500 ES inverter is an optimal choice for so-called off-grid systems without access to the distribution grid. It can be connected to a power generator and/or batteries to serve as a backup power source. It is a hybrid inverter with a sinusoidal output, ideal for residential and small commercial systems. The built-in MPPT regulator can handle up to 4.5 kW of PV panels with a maximum open circuit voltage of 450Voc. It can work with both lead-acid and Li-ion batteries. RJ45 ports are available for CAN/RS485 communication with BMS modules of LiFePO4 battery brands such as Pylontech, WECO, Seplos, etc.

The inverter can operate even without batteries if actively connected to the distribution grid. In SUB operational mode, the inverter monitors the load power and the available solar power, supplementing any missing energy from the distribution system. The device allows for bypass settings, which, in case of battery or PV panel disconnection, connect the inverter output to the distribution system within 10ms to prevent power interruption. It also supports UPS mode, switching purely to battery power within 10ms. By parallel connecting inverters, a total system power of up to 30kW can be achieved. The inverter can be equipped with a WiFi/LAN communication module for remote control and monitoring.

Features include:

Integrated MPPT solar regulator

Equalization charging function

Ability to operate with or without batteries PV input voltage up to 450 VDC

Configurable priority of grid or solar input

Remote monitoring capability via WiFi

Support for parallel operation to expand capacity up to 30 kW PV and grid jointly power the load if PV energy is insufficient

Flexible scheduling of charging and discharging times by the inverter

Active cooling fans with speed regulation based on inverter load

The package includes a free WiFi module for wireless communication and monitoring, software CD for monitoring, USB data cable for PC connection, communication cable for parallel connection, current cable for parallel connection, and a manual.

Growatt is one of the largest global manufacturers of photovoltaic inverters and is a leader among suppliers for residential use. Currently, the company sells its products in 160 countries and has 41 local representations. The company designs, develops, and manufactures photovoltaic inverters, energy storage products, electric vehicle chargers, intelligent energy management systems, and more.

Article no.
SPF 3500ES
Input voltage
48 V
Continuous output power
3500 W
Peak output power
7000 W

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