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Lokithor JA301 - a portable power source with up to 2000A, featuring an integrated compressor, a USB power bank, and a powerful LED flashlight. More >>

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Lokithor JA301 is a multifunctional automotive power source with a starting current of up to 2000A, designed for starting 12V vehicles (up to an 8-liter gasoline engine or a 6-liter diesel engine) instantly. Its compact design combines this small, easily portable booster with an air compressor, power bank, and flashlight. All of this weighs just 1.77 kg thanks to the internal lithium-ion battery. It's an excellent companion for your adventures, whether it's traveling, camping, fishing, hunting, or cycling. For example, in winter in the mountains, you no longer have to worry about not being able to start due to a weakened car battery.

2000A Starting Source
This compact starting box with a peak current of 2000A can start most vehicles multiple times on a single charge! With such power, you can use it for personal and some commercial vehicles, RVs, tractors, boats, motorcycles, and more. The integrated voltmeter easily informs you about the charge status of the connected battery.

10-bar (150 psi) Compressor
The air compressor is among the most powerful small portable compressors on the market. It can inflate up to 10 kg of tires, and on a single charge, it can handle 4-6 standard car tires. The device stops inflating when the preset pressure (BAR/PSI) is reached. The package includes 4 inflation nozzles for various uses.

300 Lumens LED Flashlight
The flashlight with an ultra-wide beam angle helps wherever you need a strong spotlight. It can last approximately 17-18 hours on a single charge. The lifespan is designed for more than 1000 hours. It has 3 lighting modes: steady light / stroboscope / SOS.

Portable Power Bank
The USB 3.0 port supporting fast charging allows you to connect smartphones, tablets, and various other devices that charge via USB. For example, a typical smartphone can be fully charged 3 times.

Modern Design
LOKITHOR utilizes vibration damping technology that could otherwise shorten the lifespan of such a device. The durability and stability of the battery are ensured by a modern BMS control system. Very low self-discharge allows the charged device to be stored for 2-3 years (we do not recommend long-term storage when fully charged).

Please carefully read the user manual before use!

Certifications: UL, FCC, CE, ROHS, UN38.3
Compatible with: Common passenger cars, RVs, SUVs, MPVs, 4WD / Motorboats / Motorcycles / Smartphones / Tablets / Cameras

The starting source is designed to support starting vehicles with a lead-acid starting battery with the corresponding voltage, including vehicles with a Start-Stop system. It is not intended to charge the car battery.

Package contents:

Starting source J301, 12V, 2000A, 74Wh
Accessory bag
2x crocodile clip cables (red and black)
Compressor hose
4x adapters (air nozzles)
Cable with USB-A and USB-C connectors
User manual

Article no.
Battery type
12 V
254 x 142x 103
Peak performance
2000 A

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