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Sinusoidal voltage inverter 12V/230V with output pure sinusoid suitable even for sensitive electronics More >>

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Sinusoidal voltage inverter with a 230V/50Hz socket and USB output for charging mobile devices. Suitable for powering all kinds of appliances with resistive loads as well as appliances with inductive loads such as motors, pumps, refrigerators, fluorescent lamps, etc. Also suitable for reliable and safe power supply to televisions, computers, printers, measuring instruments, and other electronic appliances. Available in versions for 12V batteries, or multiple interconnected batteries with a total voltage of 24V or 48V. Included are cables with terminals for battery connection.


Clean sinusoidal output (THD<3%)

Slow start-up technology for motors in pumps and compressors

Double peak power allows operation of appliances with high startup power

LED power indication and protection signaling

Intelligent fan for better cooling and longer lifespan

Aluminum casing for better heat dissipation and internal electronics protection and durability

USB output for powering/charging portable electronics

E8 certification - tested by TÜV and approved by the Czech Ministry of Transport (approval mark E8 10R-0613997)

Do not connect the AC output 230V (socket contacts) of this inverter in series or parallel with other sources of AC voltage 230V (e.g., in parallel or in series with a public power grid socket/other inverters).

Package Contents:

ROGERELE Sinusoidal Voltage Inverter

2x connection cable (red, black) with terminals on both ends

Spare fuse

User manual

Article no.
REP1500-12, 1500W
Input voltage
12 V
Output frequency (Curve)
Pure sinusoidal output
Continuous output power
1500 W
Peak output power
3000 W

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