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Water and dust resistant charger with seven-stage smart charging, function to revive completely discharged batteries, mode for permanent connection to the battery, and Bluetooth for control and monitoring via smartphone. More >>

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It is used for charging WET/SLA, MF, Ca/Ca, EFB, AGM, GEL, LFP/LiFePO4 batteries.
Resistant to dust, water, and chemicals.
Suitable for batteries in vehicles with a Start/Stop system.
Intelligent seven-stage charging algorithm.
Special mode for charging lithium batteries.
Remote monitoring via Bluetooth.
Revives completely discharged batteries from 0V.
Power supply function is useful for backup of onboard voltage and settings retention during car battery replacement.
Durable in low temperatures down to -30°C.
Wide range of charging settings via mobile app.
Reduced power mode for charging smaller batteries.

Article no.
Blue Smart 12V 5A/2A
20 - 60 Ah
Rated charging voltage
Charging current
Battery types
lead + lithium

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