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Skyrich Lithium HJTX30Q-FP (12V 96Wh) 8Ah

Skyrich Lithium batteries have significantly less weight, higher starting power and low self-discharge compared to ...
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222.18 €

Skyrich Lithium HJ51913-FP (12V 90Wh) 7Ah

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220.53 €

Skyrich Lithium HJTX20HQ-FP (12V 84Wh) 7Ah

In stock > 1 pcs
177.77 €

Skyrich Lithium HJTX20CH-FP (12V 72Wh) 6Ah

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177.56 €

Skyrich Lithium HJTX14AHQ-FP (12V 48Wh) 5Ah

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128.87 €

Skyrich Lithium HJTZ14S-FP (12V 60Wh) 4,5Ah

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126.76 €

Skyrich Lithium HJT12B-FP (12V 60Wh) 4,8Ah

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126.76 €

Skyrich Lithium HJTZ10S-FP (12V 48Wh) 4Ah

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108.89 €

Skyrich Lithium HJB9Q-FP (12V 36Wh) 3Ah

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86.62 €

Skyrich Lithium HJTX14H-FP (12V 48Wh) 4Ah

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84.34 €

Skyrich Lithium LFP01 (12V 24Wh) 2Ah

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71 €

Skyrich Lithium HJTZ7S-FP (12V 28,8Wh) 2,4Ah

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68.80 €

Skyrich Lithium HJTX9-FP (12V 36Wh) 3Ah

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66.60 €

Skyrich Lithium HJTX7A-FP (12V 24Wh) 2,4Ah

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62.02 €

Skyrich Lithium HJB5L-FP (12V 19,2Wh) 1,6Ah

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52.96 €

Skyrich Lithium HJTX5L-FP (12V 19,2Wh) 1,6Ah

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39.97 €
SKYRICH LITHIUM - Rated volatge - 12 V

Motorcycle starter lithium (LiFePO4) accumulators by Skyrich have a discharge current up to 40 times greater than their capacity. Due to the use of lithium technology,
Skyrich Lithium motorcycle batteries are up to 66% lighter than traditional lead-acid batteries and have a lifespan of up to 2000 charge cycles.
Every Skyrich motorcycle battery has a low self-discharge. The shelf life is up to 1 year at a temperature of up to 25°C. The manufacturer recommends regular charging at least once every 6 months. These accumulators can be charged both with a charger intended for LiFePO4 and with a charger intended for maintenance-free accumulators. This eliminates the need to buy a new charger. The used charger must not have an automatic desulfation function! A big advantage over maintenance-free accumulators is the higher charging current. If necessary, it is possible to charge up to 10 times higher current than the battery capacity. In this way, the motorcycle battery can be fully charged in approximately 6 minutes. When the no-load charging voltage is between 14.0V - 15.0V, NO modification to the charging system and motorcycle installation is required. Skyrich LiFePO4 lithium batteries are known for their small dimensions. They come with spacers to fit any motorcycle battery compartment. Skyrich Lithium batteries do not contain toxic metals such as lead, mercury or cobalt. It also does not contain sulfuric acid, like conventional lead batteries, and therefore can be used in any position, including "upside down".

The battery is delivered pre-charged, ready for immediate operation.